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How to slice broccoli on a mandolin

3 Aug - 1 min - Uploaded by Howcast Mandoline slicers are great tools for making evenly thin slices of fruits This woman is. 18 Jun - 35 sec - Uploaded by Sammic this video shows how it strips broccoli using FCE-2+ julienne disc. Equipment Review. 21 Jan - 2 min - Uploaded by expertvillage Learn how to prepare and chop broccoli with expert tips on cutting vegetables in this free how.

Read the Broccoli stem lovers: What are your cutting and trimming tricks (knife, mandolin, processor, grater) to produce your favorite uses for. You could used your mandoline or slicer blade on your food processor, 1 small red apple, cut into slices about the same size as the broccoli. while shaving vegetables with a mandoline, the very useful tool seems flat surface you just created on a cutting board for a more stable base.

Mandolines are handy tools for creating evenly thin slices of fruits and vegetables , but they can be a little intimidating to use. Web editor Sarah. Instructions. Chop the broccoli stalks off of the florets, and trim a small slice of the base of the broccoli stalk off. Carefully slice the mushroom and red onion very thinly using a mandolin or a sharp knife, and toss into the bowl with the broccoli and carrots ribbons. Roughly chop the cilantro and toss in the bowl. This refreshing change-of-pace alternative to a green salad is easy to create using a mandoline. Using a mandolin, slicer or slice attachment on a food processor shred the broccoli In a mixing bowl combine shaved broccoli, celery and avocado dressing. Broccoli stems, colorful carrots and zucchini, all make terrific Slicing zucchini on the mandolin blade of my flat grater doesn't work too well.

Slice your broccoli stems about 1/4 inch thick, then steam them with peeled stems with a food processor or mandolin, then use them raw or. When you julienne vegetables, you're slicing them into classy little matchsticks. individuals to eat some zucchini or broccoli without facing the textural issues that tend to A more expensive mandolin will julienne those vegetables for you. Try our triple-tested broccoli pizza. Jazzed-Up and a touch of honey. I then use my mandoline to slice radishes super thin to finish the snack!. Shave broccoli on a mandolin, with a food processor, or thinly slice by hand. Combine broccoli, red onion, almonds and raisins in a bowl.

Healthy, unique and season-less, this delicious Shaved Broccoli Thinly slice broccoli florets with a sharp knife or a mandolin and place in a. Set up your mandoline on a clean, flat surface, such as a cutting board. broccoli aren't sturdy or dense enough to be cut with a mandoline. 1 Cut the broccoli into 3cm florets and place them in a large bowl. The stalk also tastes great, just trim away the woody exterior, slice up what. Next, using a sharp vegetable peeler, peel the carrots and broccoli stalks. Next, carefully slice them with a mandolin using the julienne blade or.

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