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How to use faucet wrench keg

1 Dec - 2 min - Uploaded by Keg Outlet This video will give you a basic look at how to use a deluxe draft beer faucet wrench from. 3 Aug - 43 sec - Uploaded by Ontario BeerKegs Find the product here: http://www. Draft Beer Faucet Wrench allows you to unscrew your Draft beer faucets with ease and without damaging your faucets.

Wondering if anyone has had the problem of the faucet being stuck, . try holding the faucet in your hand and lift up while using your wrench. it. Got my vent-matic faucets, shanks, etc.. Now I just saw faucets wrenches. Please tell me this is Then again you can just use a pair of pliers.:D. It's possible to use channel locks without scratching the faucet up? shank holes designed for the faucet wrench without snapping itself off will.

deluxe faucet wrench. Deluxe Faucet Wrench (for Faucet, Nuts & Beer Towers) - OntarioBeerKegs - Kegs Faucet wrench made of durable Stainless Steel. Be careful when using it since it has sharp edges and will cut you if you' re. Don't mar up your faucet using the wrong wrench! This Beer Faucet Wrench will easily get the job done. For the price, this faucet wrench is a no-brainer for. This Kegconnection deluxe faucet wrench is great for beer tower kits; couplers; Using a set of standard vice grips simultaneously with some needle nose vice. This faucet wrench is an essential tool for draft beer system maintenance and repair. It comes in handy if you're changing out tap faucets or need to replace. Required accessory to attach and remove a beer faucet from a shank - don't scratch up the shank or coupling nut trying to use a pliers! Make quick work of any.

Home / Hardware & Supplies / Draft Hex and Faucet Wrench construction; One side is a spanner wrench for hex nuts, other side is to tighten faucets to shanks or towers. Designed to be used with sixth barrels (sixtels) and Cornelius kegs. This wrench allows easy removal and replacement of your faucet from a tower system or refrigerator shank. The other side allows for removal of. Deluxe Faucet Wrench by Kegconnection $ . And just my luck that I didn't try to use it until about 40 after I purchased it so it is now bad the return period. Shop Kegconnection at the Amazon Home Brewing & Wine Making store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%.

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