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Reviews of doctor who the caretaker

The Caretaker” is the funniest episode of Doctor Who in years, the rival of that it would take an entire separate review to explain adequately. It's to the real credit of The Caretaker that so much comes across so effortlessly, even though the episode is actually shouldering a lot of work. Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are excellent again - we'd argue it's Coleman's best performance of the series - but then so is Samuel Anderson as Danny Pink. We're talking about the Fourth Doctor audio adventure The Renassance Man by old Who hand Justin It's meant to be a review of The Caretaker, isn't it? Well.

Things slow down for a more character based episode focused on the Doctor's companion, Clara. Apologies for not getting to this review sooner folks, but I was knackered last night by the time Doctor Who had finished and knew that if I'd started writing in that. Fifty one years ago, a headmaster once offered The Doctor a job as the Caretaker of Coal Hill School. Now the end of the world had arrived.

The Independent Culture. The Doctor goes undercover at Coal Hill School in 'The Caretaker' (BBC). What an average day in the Whoniverse. And what a tribute. This is the strongest episode of the season so far, in spite — or maybe because — the sci-fi plot takes a back seat. Let's face. The Caretaker sees Twelve go undercover at Clara's school to face down an alien force. Comedy ensues as The Doctor antagonises Danny. This week, the Doctor goes undercover at Clara's school to predictably comedic results. Doctor Who returned this week with The Caretaker. One thing that has eluded Doctor Who in recent years is consistency. Matt Smith's final season was let down by clunkers like 'The Rings of.

Review: Doctor Who - The Caretaker. Bonkers. That's the best word to describe tonight's episode of Doctor Who. And yet, in the bonkerishness. An undercover Doctor brings delightful mayhem to Clara's school. Doctor Who Review – The Caretaker: “The grumpy Space Dad of my. It is interesting to look at the development of the way that the writers on Doctor Who have developed during Steven Moffat's tenure as executive. What makes “The Caretaker” unique is its position in a series that already focuses heavily on the incongruity of this new Doctor, freeing Roberts.

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