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Where to find blissey in crystal

5 Feb - 5 min - Uploaded by ICU YT How to get Chansey in Pokemon Crystal. Pokemon Crystal - How to get Blissey. ICU YT. 4 Apr - 2 min - Uploaded by ZoroarksClone How to find Chansey in Pokemon Crystal. ZoroarksClone. Loading Unsubscribe from. Question for Pokemon Crystal. How do you how to get in 8th gym pokemon crystal As soon as it gets to a certain happiness level, it will evolve into Blissey.

All the moves that # Blissey can learn in Generation 2 (Gold, Silver, Crystal). For Pokemon Crystal Version on the Game Boy Color, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Blissey". My understanding of Chansey is that it is ONLY available on Route 12 in ONLY that patch of grass where the lady wants you to trade it for an Aerodactyl. There is .

Today, I want to inform you about serious problems I'm currently facing with my Pokemon, "Blissey". Well, I must admit that it's extremely and. A Blissey caught by Crystal and lent to Emerald for his Battle Pike challenge appeared in Moving Past Milotic. With her high Special Defense and suitable nature. # Blissey. General, Location, Attacks, Egg Locations. Gold, Evolve Chansey. Silver, Evolve Chansey. Crystal, Evolve Chansey. Generation II Level Up. National: ; Original Johto: Gold, Silver, Crystal Level up, during the day, while holding an Oval Stone, Blissey Level up, with at least happiness. So, I leveled up this Chansey first with four Rare Candies [a level up is +5 happiness i dont think you can get blissey in silver/gold/crystal.

If you thought Chansey had HP, Blissey has even more (albeit, not much). that you can only learn the first 3 via the tutor in Crystal version. Overview. Blissey is without a doubt the direct descendant of alien monsters from low budget s sci-fi horror films. The evidence: A.) Blissey is a gigantic pink. Gold, Silver, Crystal. Pokemon Chansey In-game trade: 13 through 15 are the only places in the game where you can catch a Chansey. So when Gold and Silver (and eventually Crystal) came out, the of the already specially defensive Chansey, Blissey has been and still is the.

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