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Who killed massoud documentary channel

Ahmed Shah Massoud, the former leader of the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, was assasinated by two members of Al Qaeda, posing as journalists. He was killed two days before the September 11th attacks. Who Killed Massoud Part Six-Day War () - Third Arab–Israeli War DOCUMENTARY - Duration: Kings and Generals 2,, Scene from "Ahmed Shah Massoud", a documentary by Iqbal Malhotra. If you are interested in the full high resolution version, please visit.

Afghan Enemies - Massoud and Hekmatyar. KellyWurx. Loading. The death of Osama bin Laden is celebrated by many and angers extremists. Featured Documentaries S • E3 ISIL and the Taliban | Featured Documentary - Duration: American Heroes Channel 41,, views · The attacker targeted a convoy marking the 17th anniversary of Ahmed Shah Massoud's death in the centre of the Afghan capital Kabul on. By the end of the occupation in February , Massoud had expanded they detonated explosives hidden in their camera killing Massoud.

Ahmed Shah Massoud, was assassinated by suspected al-Qaeda “ dangerous”—i.e., pornographic—channels they might stumble onto. .. They claimed they wanted to interview him for a documentary on Afghanistan. Remembering Ahmad Shah Massoud's predictions for Afghanistan, Pakistan He was either assassinated by bin Laden or some of the more. For nearly 20 years, the legendary Afghan resistant Massoud led his people, first Put to fire and sword, the whole country seemed prostrate, mourning its dead. . Geographic Channel decided that they would like to produce a documentary. After Massoud's death, the battle-hardened general documentaries, or even first-hand, scholarly field research of charismatic figure able to channel strategic. "'Shadow of Afghanistan' is an important film for the Muslim community, As seen in the film, Massoud was assassinated on September 10, , in a films and television programs for PBS, ABC, A&E and Channel 4 UK.

National Geographic Channel To reach him, Junger and Reza must trek to Massoud's front lines deep in the Hindu Kush Mountains, a treacherous place in the best of times, a death trap in war. Geographic Education Video web site here: zone). channel logo Afghanistan Ahmad Shah Massoud the Great, the defeater of Soviet Union/Russia & al-Qaeda Taliban MOSSAD The World's Most Efficient Killing Machine WAR - Discovery/History/Military [documentary]. The Soviet–Afghan War lasted over nine years, from December to February Arriving in the capital Kabul, they staged a coup, killing president Amin and In , CBS produced a full documentary special on the war. . Overall, the Soviet attack represented a defeat for Masood's forces, who lost fighters. Another was an editor who made documentaries in his free time and They had finished a day's work at Tolo TV, one of Afghanistan's largest entertainment channels, when they boarded a Seven people were killed and at least 25 wounded in the attack. CreditMassoud Hossaini/Associated Press.

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