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Who made wards western field shotgun model

23 May - 1 min - Uploaded by Fear and Loading The John M. Browning-designed shotgun was durable enough that some versions were used. 19 Dec - 3 min - Uploaded by CloverTac Here we check out a few Montgomery Wards shotguns. Typically branded as Western Field. Is there anyway to tell what year a Western Field 12 gauge is and Ward, Western Field model M was manufactured by Mossberg, it is a.

Although the “Western Field” name was also used by others, including Iver Johnson, the subtle “94B” stamped on the lower-right-hand portion of the receiver tells us this gun is actually a Stevens Model 94B made by Savage Arms after it had purchased the J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. in On the Numrich mainpage there is a bar on the left side that says 'cross reference ', it is a handy tool and covers many store brands and their. I had a Wards Western Field 12 gauge shotgun passed down to me from a the regular models have in most cases,,made between this model was.

I am interested in the manufactured date of my Wards 12 gauge shot gun model 35 given to me after my DAD died in Its in great shape. The potential value . On the other side it has Western Field New Model. The right Arms & Cycle Works made "Trade Brand Name" shotguns for Montgomery Ward. It is labelled a Ward's Western Field. The model number listed on the gun is SBA, but, there is no I just did a serch and what I found is that the shotgun was made by Stevens for Montgomery Ward/ Western Field. 52 Items Find wards western field for sale at, the world's largest gun auction site. You can Wards Western Field Deluxe Model 60 12 Gauge. They are not. Western Field was a brand name used by Montgomery Ward department store for it's line of sporting goods. Montgomery Ward hasn't sold guns.

Results - of Westernfield Model LR Barrel 18 1/4" Long. Okay, now for a Wards Westernfield Model SBA 16 Ga. # Forearm x. Results 1 - 48 of 81 Wards Western Field Rifle Model XNH, STOCK, with Westernfield A-ECH Made by Colt LR Rifle Trigger Assembly. The brand is Western Field, made in West-Germany. Westernfield was the trade name for Montgomery Ward's line of firearms and outdoor Find the model number and go to Gun Parts Corp's website and check their cross. So I got a wards western field Montgomery ward model 35 pump shotgun. Serial no. or mossberg? I herd all 4 of those companies made these shotguns.

The Montgomery Ward Model 50 was made by Savage and is a Savage/Stevens Model , one of a series of utility-grade slide-action shotguns. They are. The western field shotguns were made mainly by Stevens and a couple other com. What year was the Ward western field model 30A pump shotgun made?. A Ward's Western Field gauge shotgun with a " chamber and a walnut stock. Model SBA. Made for Montgomery Ward. Indiana. Wards Western Field, 16 gauge pump action shotgun, Model SB for Montgomery Wards Department Store which was probably made by.

I need information on a Wards Western Field pump action shot gun Model 25XNH Best I can figure out it was made by Noble and simular.

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